March 1, 2011

And I'd give up forever to touch you...

Yesterday was one of those dark and gloomy days that make me want to curl up inside with a blanket over my head. Sadly, today is turning out to also be one of those days. I'm seriously jonesing to get outside and take some more pictures, both of old stock and of new. At least the time spent inside has been productive - I've made several new pieces! Huzzah! Maybe soon I can hit that 30 pieces listed mark. And after that, on to 40!

Today's relisted-with-new-pics piece! I'm very happy with the picture. It actually captures the color of the peach beads.

I got around to taking some pictures of the BJD jewelry I've dabbled with. Dolls are a longstanding hobby of mine, and I figure if I'm making people jewelry, my little people need jewelry too. So to close out this rather short post, here's some DOLLS. I need to get back to the crafting, so alas, no commentary.