February 16, 2011

I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough...

Oh, to be unemployed again. The free time to make whatever, whenever the inspiration struck. The ability to make it to the PO whenever I needed to, instead of finding someone to take my packages for me or sending out one priority bubble-mailer JUST to get that pickup. Catching the gorgeous sunlight we've been having for pictures instead of having to wait for the weekend.

Alas. Instead, it's off to a daily grind for me. Which is good, in that I don't feel pressured to make money with the jewelery RIGHT AWAY.


I seem to have fallen into a dreaded Creative Slump. Usually I have no problem doing 2-3 pairs of earrings a day, maybe a bracelet, but these days I feel kind of meh about it all. Hopefully I can fix that on Payday, with an infusion of new shinies to play with, but we'll see.

PICTURES! Because no blog is complete without them.

Custom Request - Black glass, glass amethyst, hematite, garnet.
This is a custom bracelet made for a friend as an engagement gift. It's about 7 inches, with a 1-inch adjustable tail. The tail is topped with a small round amethyst that I would wire around to make look pretty. :D I'm pretty happy with it, and I hope the requester is happy, too, 'cause I like having money in my paypal. Wait wut.

Glass, hematite, gold plate.

These are new this morning in my Etsy shop! Pretty rockin', if I do say so myself. I love those beads, though.

Also, these earrings need more love. No views, such a sad day!
I'm thinking, once I reach a certain number of followers on each networking site (Facebook, Twitter, and this blog!), I'll run a giveaway contest. Each site would be different, of course, because of the unique formatting of each. 

And once I get enough followers to this blog, I'll start featuring other sellers, as well. Encouraging small business growth ftw!

And now, to rush off to that dreaded day job. At least today I got to sleep in!


  1. I love your pictures and your work, sorry you're in a slump ~ but alas, payday will help!

  2. A yes we are all in and out of creativity depending on the day. It's nice to know it will turn in our favor again.
    Have an awesome Wednesday!

  3. @CremeMagnolia - Thank you! :) I'm still not entirely pleased with the photos, but I know it'll come with time and practice. The snow outside today has surprisingly helped, so hopefully I can get a few new things done today!

    @My Life Under The Bus - I guess that's the problem with deciding to embark on an ~artistic~ journey. Never know when the muses will decide to be fickle.

  4. I think we've all been in that creative slump. I promise it will come back. Your jewelry is beautiful!!

  5. Thank you very much, Annette! I seem to have kick-started it a little, so hopefully I can get back on the crazy roll I was on. :)

  6. Love your pieces! I'll have to take a look around your shop. :]

  7. Lovely Jewelry :)!! I've been in a creative slump for a couple of days now... But it does comes back!

  8. @Ashley - Thank you! It's still a work in progress, but aren't they always?

    @Karina Wetzel - I think I'm pulling myself out of it. All these compliments are definitely helping! Thank you! :)