February 14, 2011

She gon' be rockin' chinchilla coats...

Happy Valentine's Day!
I know, I know. There are a lot of people out there who loathe Valentine's. A day for lovers to shove their affection in the face of those among us who are single.

Well boo on that. I was raised to believe Valentine's was about love in all its forms. Familial, friendly, romantic. So you, lovely readers, get to deal with my badly-shaped rainbow-heart.


I finally got the store up and running! There's about 14 pieces there right now, and I have several more to begin uploading over time. I need to make and photograph more, get that back stock built up, but the final push for everything completely drained the life out of me today.

I've not much to really talk about. I'm hoping my tax return will be enough to let me make a pretty nice wholesale order, but we'll see how bills and things are first. I'd love to get a bunch of new pretties, though. *_*

I've realized I am kind of a perfectionist when it comes to anything artistic. It's why I don't draw, I think -- I know I have talent, but it frustrates me to no end to be able to see how to create the piece, to see how the lines go, to see myself DRAWING it...only to have it glitch between my brain and my fingers and come out lookin' a hot mess.

I mean, with jewelry, what I see I can create. Sometimes a project falls flat, sometimes I can't do what I want, but mostly....my mind and my fingers place nicely together. Pictures are a different story, but we're getting there. Everyone tells me they're decent, I need to trust that and realize I will get better at this.

Anyway. Stuff I've been working on!

Yellow and black ftw!
These are adorable. I love the little glass beads on the end, and the random paint on the center beads just....so much fun! The wire wrapping took forever, though, but man. Totally worth it. Just LOOK at that!

Flowers, leaves, and hearts, oh my!
I had these adorable blue flower beads, and just had to do SOMETHING with 'em. these are cute and adorable and I wanted to keep them like you don't even KNOW.

I make no secret about it, I love pearls. Pearls pearls pearls! These dangle so nicely, and earned a ton of compliments on the test run. (Don't worry, I sanitize all posts, whether or not I've test-worn them, before packaging 'em up!) The teardrop in the center really sparkles, even in cruddy office light.

And now, off to sort through pictures and decide what to list tonight!

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